"I Sure Like Walking With You" Limited Edition & Digital Prints

"I Sure Like Walking With You" Limited Edition & Digital Prints

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There are both limited edition prints and open edition prints.
Limited edition collectors prints are
17 x 23
Open edition are either 8 x 10 or 11 x 14.

This painting is Shannon's only one with limited edition collectors prints. 
Of the collectors prints, there are 450 signed and numbered (S/N) 
and only 50 artist proofs (A/P).
Artists proofs have been selected as the prints closest in color to the original painting.

Collectors signed and numbered or artist proof prints are 17" x 23" and are reproduced on quality 110 lb acid-free pH neutral paper. The title and Bible quote from II Corinthians 5:7 are included at the bottom of each print. All prints are sold unframed.

Open edition prints (not signed or numbered) are available in 8 x 10 and 11 x 14

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The peace and security of this child's face is a tender reminder of our own walk with the Lord. We all need to be reminded how our Heavenly Father takes us all by the hand, and no matter how many times we trip...He will never let us go. "I Sure Like Walking With You" is a vivid and heart-warming portrayal of us all as God's children who "walk by faith, not by sight." II Corinthians 5:7

Shannon’s husband and son were the models of this painting. Here is the story behind it…

After a 10 year drought in painting, I started praying for inspiration. One day in particular sticks out in my memory. I had just gotten a flier in the mail that featured various kinds of Christian products. I expressed in prayer the desire for my paintings to have meaning like those in the flier and not just look pretty on the wall. While praying in my studio, a silhouette of “I Sure Like Walking With You“ came to mind. I felt God was giving me the idea but allowing me to fill in the details. Wanting to double check no other artist painted a similar image, I searched many publishers books and found no other like what I had in mind. I used my three year old son and husband as the models. A friend who had costumes for drama performances let me borrow the Biblical gown for Jesus. While outside our home taking reference photos of my guys, the neighborhood teenagers drove by with very curious faces. My husband got a bit embarrassed of how he was dressed and asked, “Are we almost done yet?!” Fortunately, we were. After reviewing the photo shoot, I was happy to see the bib overall strap from our son’s shoulder accidentally had fallen off his shoulder. That was a sweet little detail I would not have thought of but is so typical for little kids.

After the painting was completed I showed it to my pastor. He was very enthusiastic at how it turned out and displayed it during one of his sermons. He is also very pro-life and suggested that pro-life organizations might be able to use it on their materials. It later was used in that way, but another photo with one of our babies held by their dad came to mind. It was used as reference for the second Christian painting. After it’s completion I submitted it to organizations first, and pro-life groups did utilize it. See the “I Knew You” painting. This would start a journey that I had no idea was even possible. Even though many art galleries shy away from selling religious art, God took me down a completely different path and into the national spot light. It gave me exposure to so many people with such incredible stories; all influenced by the paintings. Thus the desire to create more Christian art was sparked and still continues to this day. It has been such a joy to receive notes and phone calls from those who have been impacted by my art. It encourages me greatly and takes me back to the very first moment of asking God to inspire art with meaning. He far more than answered my prayer. He knocked my socks off with the possibilities.