Pray America

Pray America


This 29.5” x 35.5” oil painting (including gold frame as shown below) was prophetic and a gentle warning to our nation. Jesus will pick up our spiritually injured/tattered nation (symbolized by a tattered flag) if we trust Him and pray.

See full description/artist statement below image.

Paintings are shipped in special made wood crates for maximum safety against damage. They are shipped via FedEx Ground. Shipping costs include both FedEx charges and the cost of the wood crate materials.

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I Want you (To Pray) America...Have you Forgotten How Much YOU NEED ME?

This painting represents Jesus reminding America to pray. When first envisioning this painting two years prior to 9-11 while praying, I could see Jesus pointing and asking for prayer for our country. But I wasn’t sure how to simply paint something that represented America. Do I use faces, symbols, a map or a collage of American landscapes? We naturally want to touch on the glorious things of our nation, as there are a myriad of things to be proud of. But reality set in and my heart sank with the truth about our country’s spiritual state. That is when it became apparent that our spiritually wounded nation, represented by a tattered and torn flag and a broken flag pole, needed to be picked up and carried by our Savior. I don’t want to see Old Glory in this way… but the truth can no longer be denied. We need to be on our knees and praying for this nation. We are losing the values that once made us a great nation. We need to do the most powerful act that will heal our land...Pray to Jesus and Repent!

"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land."
2 Chronicles 7:14

An interesting inside story:
Six months before 9-11 we were in Minneapolis for a conference inside a tall hotel building. Before we drove home we stopped at an uncle’s home and stayed the night. I had a dream that a very tall building, similar but different from the hotel we were in, was going to collapse. In the dream I tried to warn those that were taking an elevator up to higher floors. They ignored me and just frowned like I was crazy as I yelled out, “NO!” I not only dreamt it but yelled it out loud so loud I woke up the whole house. Our aunt came to our room to make sure I was OK. At that time I had no idea what it meant or where the building was. I didn’t know how to interpret the dream and didn’t see it as anything remotely prophetic, along with the painting until after 9-11 happened.