I Knew You

I Knew You


See full description/symbolism on prints page. Prints and greeting cards available even though the original painting is not.

Shannon’s husband and first born were the models for this painting.

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"I Knew You" portrays the intimate connection we all have with God as his children. This tender moment was first captured on camera between Shannon’s husband and first born. She then used her artistic license to paint her husband into Jesus. The prints are a perfect gift after a birth, for baptisms and dedications. On the other end of the spectrum, others have found comfort in this painting after a miscarriage or infant death.

After donating the use of this image to organizations, God taught Shannon how much impact a simple painting can have. The first of her paintings to receive national attention, it taught her the extent an image can celebrate a momentous event, uplift, encourage, or comfort. Most shocking were testimonies how it has even saved lives. Who knew that was even possible? But with God… all things are.

The gentle pro-life message this carries has been said to be a whisper from the Holy Spirit. We have received multiple testimonies from families feeling conflicted about a future abortion stating that seeing this image changed their minds; one actually on the way to an abortion appointment who saw it on a billboard. This happened because pro-life organizations used it on billboards, murals, bulletin inserts and more. Never in Shannon’s imagination did she ever envision one of her paintings could play a part in a set of feet walking this earth, who were close to never existing outside the womb.