Eyes of Kuwinda

Eyes of Kuwinda


“Eyes of Kuwinda” is a 18” x 24” oil painting primarily completed with a palette knife not a brush. See full description below the image.

Paintings are shipped in special made wood crates for maximum safety against damage. They are shipped via FedEx Ground. Shipping costs include both FedEx charges and the cost of the wood crate materials.

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My family was blessed with the privilege of taking a mission trip to Nairobi, Kenya. We served with Christian MIssion Aid and met this dear boy while I taught art lessons at Kuwinda slum. There is nothing that puts one’s life into perspective like sitting in an African slum. Their entire home was the space of one American room. There was only space for a twin bed, and a couple of chairs. No running water, a shared outhouse for a bathroom and a bed sheet for a front door. What dear people. He wanted to smile for my camera yet he couldn’t. The picture moment happened so fast I didn’t fully see his expression until we got back home looking through photos. His eyes said it all, sadly questioning with a hint of a smile. If only I had asked what he was thinking. But all he wanted was for me was to take his picture before we parted. I am so glad he did because I will remember him forever. His eyes will tug at my heart and keep him in my prayers.