artist statement

Primarily using oils, I've always desired my art to not simply look pretty on a wall but to also hold deeper meaning. My favorite subject is anything that stirs or inspires the soul and points back to the Master Creator; God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Most often my paintings include people, but the beauty in God's creation captures my attention as well.

My greatest wish is for God to use my art for the Kingdom. He can use any tool he desires to inspire, encourage, calm one's spirit or even save a life. Yes, I've seen art literally save a life! In fact, more than once. There would be no greater honor than for God to use my art in some way minor or even great as part of your life story! Whenever someone shares how their story and my art have connected, it’s a huge encouragement!

In prayer, God asked me how many different personalities there are in the world. (Hint: no two personalities are exactly the same.) He then asked how many different emotions each person or personality has in a day. If we were to multiply those numbers, that is how many artists and images He can use each and every day! We artists just need to be willing. Here I am Lord, send me.