"Faith Knows"

Faith Knows is a beautiful photograph reminding us to have confidence while praying; certainty and expectation. On the other hand, God can and does at times say "no". Not every prayer is going to be answered the way we want even if we pray with certainty. Yet... I am reminded of Peter. He asked Jesus to allow him to walk on water with Jesus and at first Peter did so with no problem. But as soon as the wind created fear in Peter, his faith filled with doubt and he began to sink. Jesus asked Peter, "Small one in faith, why is your heart divided?". How true that is! Doubt divides our heart and sinks our faith like a sinking ship. But when we believe, truly believe, we could command a mountain to move and it would move. How hard that is!... to ignore what we physically see, ignore the odds and ignore the scientific data proclaiming that moving a mountain is impossible. Yet, with God all things are possible. So when we pray, pray with confidence... not just hoping, but knowing. Then, if God still says "no"... you will also 'know' there must be a reason and not have any question if your faith was strong enough.

11" x 14" Photo Prints for $35

8" x 10" Photo Print for $20.00