Dear God, I Don't Get It

Back Cover Text - Sixth-grader, Aaron Ajax is happily comfortable, with not much more than the annoyances of a little brother to disturb him and he takes his friendship with God for granted. When a sudden change in family circumstances uproots him from the home and friends he has known his whole life, Aaron wonders what has happened to his relationship with God. Through this true-to-life story we follow the journey of a young boy coming to grips with a lesson we all need - that real friendship with God means God is in charge.

This is the perfect story for 3rd - 6th grade children and classrooms. Incorporated at the end of the book are excellent writing, vocabulary and thinking activities. It combines a great story with age-appropriate apologetics.

Dear God, I Don’t Get It was authored by Patti Maguire Armstrong, illustrated by Shannon Wirrenga and published by