Crown of Thorns

How truly painful the real crown of thorns must have been on our Savior's tender scalp.

These crowns are hand formed by Shannon with real thorn branches. Each thorn is 2-3 inches in length and are truly thorns not twigs. Each crown comes wrapped in purple material with lilies, wheat and grapes. All are symbolic icons. The 3 lilies represent Easter, the 3 heads of wheat...the body of Christ, the grapes...the blood of Christ, and the puprle material...royalty. The items that come in clusters of three also represent the trinity.

Crowns vary in size but most measure 12" wide by 20" long.


Each crown includes a card which describes the symbolism of the crown.

Mauve/green grapes

Deep purple grapes

Undecorated crowns are great at Easter for home or church decor

Select the grape color you would like before clicking Add To Cart

Decorated Crown of Thorns for $35

Undecorated Crown of Thorns for $14.50