"Apologize, Forgive, Forget"

This sunrise photograph was taken during a vacation morning in Maine. The scene is so fitting with this quote. The flying bird represents the Holy Spirit. The three most prominent people walking represent our journeys of apologizing, forgiving and forgetting. Apologizing or the difficulty to do so is often caused by fear; fear of ridicule, fear of losing a level of respect. It is brave to step past that fear barrior. Forgiving can be difficult, feeling like a surrender to the person who caused us pain. When in reality it makes us strong and breaks the chains of bitterness that poisons us, not the person we forgive. The first to forget is more representative of what portion of the memory we forget, rather than forgetting entirely. We don't want to forget the lesson. The lesson can be very valuable to our future. What we do want to forget is the pain that causes a negative reaction or even depression. When we give it over to Jesus He is able to divinely heal us in a way that the painful memory no longer affects us; therefor we are happier. What riches God offers us if we are just willing to step into His free Grace!

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